Step 1: Contact VeraSol

Contact VeraSol

Engage with the VeraSol team to determine if your pico-solar or SHS kit is appropriate for our certification program.

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VeraSol certifies pico-solar products and solar home system (SHS) kits with photovoltaic (PV) modules rated up to 350 watts. Our team is here to help you every step of the way throughout the certification process.

If you need help determining whether your product is appropriate for certification, please contact our team directly.

To start, keep in mind these key points:

  • Program Rules: We suggest you read the VeraSol Program Rules & Procedures to get an overview of the certification process and requirements.
  • Quality Test Method (QTM): To qualify for certification, your product must be tested according to the QTM, as specified in Edition 4 of the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Specification (IEC TS)  62257-9-5 and found to meet the requirements in the quality standards.
  • Validity of VeraSol Certification: VeraSol certification is valid for two years from the original test report date.
  • Testing multiple products: If you want multiple products tested, please review the Testing Similar Products Policy and Framework for Testing Product Families
  • Renewal of VeraSol Certification: If you are looking to extend your product’s certification status, see Product Expiration and Renewal for more information.