Our History

VeraSol is an evolved quality assurance program that builds upon the rich history of Lighting Global Quality Assurance.

Our Foundation

Quality assurance is a critical and stabilizing force within the off-grid solar energy industry. In 2007, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and World Bank first recognized the need to support healthy market growth and protect consumers. For over a decade, with foundational support from the World Bank Group, Lighting Global Quality Assurance promoted the manufacturing, distribution, and procurement of quality pico-PV products and solar home system kits.


Serving a Dynamic Market

The off-grid solar energy market has changed dramatically since 2007. Advancements in technology and consumer affordability have pushed the market toward larger solar systems that enable the use of higher-power appliances and productive uses. As consumers climb the energy ladder, the need to expand quality assurance beyond lighting grows. VeraSol is the answer to the market’s evolving needs, providing services for a growing suite of off-grid appropriate technologies.

The Evolution to VeraSol

Launched in 2020, VeraSol is an evolution of Lighting Global Quality Assurance. VeraSol builds upon the strong foundation for quality assurance laid by the World Bank Group and merges it with comparable product data for off-grid appliances and productive use equipment previously housed under Equip Data. To better serve consumers, companies, and markets, VeraSol now encompasses technical foundations for appliances and plans to expand quality assurance services for these products in the coming years.

The History of Quality Assurance

VeraSol combines the rich history of Lighting Global Quality Assurance with appliance performance data collected through Equip Data. VeraSol is operated by CLASP in partnership with the Schatz Energy Research Center.

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VeraSol Timeline