VeraSol brings together a diverse network of organizations, institutions, and programs to improve the quality and availability of modern off-grid solar solutions worldwide.

A Dedicated Partnership in Service of the Off-Grid Solar Energy Sector

VeraSol serves the off-grid solar sector as a broad foundational platform owned by a collective group of stakeholders. Under the operational leadership of CLASP and its long-time partner, the Schatz Energy Research Center, VeraSol builds collective ownership of quality assurance across an expanded group of stakeholders. Foundational support is provided by the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global program, UK aid, IKEA Foundation, and others.

Operational Leadership


CLASP improves the energy and environmental impacts of the appliances we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world.

Schatz Energy Research Center

Schatz Energy Research Center promotes the use of clean and renewable energy. The Center was established in 1989 and is affiliated with Cal Poly Humboldt’s Environmental Resources Engineering program.

Donors and Strategic Support

Lighting Global

Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s initiative to rapidly increase access to off-grid solar energy for the 789 million people living without electricity worldwide. Managed by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), we work with governments, the private sector, development partners, and end-users, continually innovating to unlock key market barriers and enable access and affordability to those that would otherwise be left behind. Our support has expanded to technologies that go far beyond lighting, including systems to power the needs of households, businesses, schools, and health centres. We operate with funding gratefully acknowledged from ESMAP and their donors.

International Finance Corporation

International Finance Corporation—a sister organization of the World Bank and member of the World Bank Group—is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. We work with more than 2,000 businesses worldwide, using our capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in the toughest areas of the world. In fiscal year 2018, we delivered more than $23 billion in long-term financing for developing countries, leveraging the power of the private sector to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

The World Bank

The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. It is not a bank in the ordinary sense but a unique partnership to reduce poverty and support development. The World Bank has a long track record of supporting the expansion of energy access. It is one of the largest providers of finance for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing and middle-income countries. The World Bank delivers on its commitments in energy through a wide range of instruments: policy engagement, technical assistance, direct investment, policy lending, guarantees and risk mitigation, application of global best practices, and critically, through facilitation of private sector investment.


ESMAP is a partnership between the World Bank Group and 18 partners to help low and middle-income countries reduce poverty and boost growth, through environmentally sustainable energy solutions. ESMAP’s analytical and advisory services are fully integrated within the WBG’s country financing and policy dialogue in the energy sector. Through the WBG, ESMAP works to accelerate the energy transition required to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

IKEA Foundation

The IKEA Foundation is funded by INGKA Foundation, owner of the Ingka Group of companies. The IKEA Foundation is independent from the retail business with a sole focus on creating brighter lives on a liveable planet through philanthropy and grantmaking.

UK aid

UK aid pursues the United Kingdom's national interests and project the UK as a force for good in the world. FCO promotes the interests of British citizens, safeguard the UK’s security, defend our values, reduce poverty and tackle global challenges with our international partners.

Good Energies Foundation

Good Energies Foundation’s goal is to help prevent climate change and mitigate its harm, especially to people who live in poverty.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organizations. It coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy.

The Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land, and Sea (IMELS)

The Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land, and Sea (IMELS) provides economic and technical support for the developing countries promoting sustainable development of the environment.

Program Partners

Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access is a global coalition working to promote high performing appliances that enable access to clean energy for the world’s poorest people.

Global LEAP Awards

An Initiative of Efficiency for Access managed by CLASP, the Global LEAP Awards is an international competition to identify and promote the world’s best off-grid appliances, accelerating market development and innovation.