Appliance Testing

VeraSol tests off-grid appliances and productive use equipment and generates consistent, comparable performance data that fill critical information gaps and inspire market competition.

Generating Robust Appliance Data

VeraSol tests and generates consistent and comparable performance data to support scalable markets for durable, high-performing, and affordable off-grid solar appliances and productive use equipment.

Manufacturers of off-grid-appropriate fans, televisions, refrigerators, solar water pumps, electric pressure cookers, and select agricultural equipment may submit their product for testing. After VeraSol tests your product, it is listed in the VeraSol product database, a tool investors, development programs, and companies use to source and verify the performance of off-grid appliances.

Test Your Appliance

Submit your fan, TV, refrigerator, solar water pump, electric pressure cooker, egg incubator, or agricultural equipment for testing.


Appliance Testing Process

VeraSol’s robust sampling and independent, third-party testing processes ensure that the results we share in our Product Database are consistent and accurate. The appliance testing process can be broken down into six steps. More detailed information on appliance testing can be found below.

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Step 1: Product Sampling

VeraSol requires random sampling to eliminate preferential pre-selection bias from manufacturers or distributors. Random sampling also ensures that the test data are representative of products from commercial production. VeraSol identifies and samples products through two different channels: retail markets and manufacturers.

Retail Markets

VeraSol samples products from off-grid product retail markets to get better data on what products are available to an average off-or weak-grid consumer. On-the-ground consultants work with the VeraSol team to survey retail shops, gather product data, and identify products for testing.


Manufacturers submit their product for testing directly to VeraSol. Once they submit a product for testing, VeraSol connects manufacturers with sampling agents to conduct warehouse visits and randomly select products from their existing stock for testing. Manufacturers then ship sampled products to the appropriate test lab.

Step 2: Product Testing

Independent laboratory testing and evaluation assess the extent to which products meet their advertised performance claims and measures the design elements that make them suitable for off-grid use. VeraSol coordinates and advises a global network of ISO-accredited test laboratories to test products. Testing is performed in accordance with the Global LEAP test methods for off-grid appliances.

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Step 3: Review Test Results

Once testing has concluded, the lab shares the test results with the VeraSol team. During this time, the team reviews the results, conducts data quality control, and works with test labs to update the results as necessary. The goal of this step is to ensure the accuracy and comparability of the test results we publish.

Step 4: Data Sharing

The data is uploaded and organized into VeraSol’s interactive, easy-to-use Product Database. This open-access tool enables any user to easily access and use the product data. The VeraSol team works with market actors throughout the value chain to interpret data and conduct benchmarking.

Number of Products Tested

Make Faster and Smarter Decisions

The VeraSol Product Database is the central repository for all off-grid solar technologies from off-grid solar energy systems to productive use equipment. By sharing first-of-its-kind performance data and benchmarking, VeraSol brings much-needed transparency and consistency to the off-grid solar market. This tool helps market actors to make faster, smarter decisions about off-grid-appropriate appliances.

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Test Your Product

Test Your Product

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Use Our Product Database

Use Our Product Database

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