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VeraSol Certification Program Rules and Procedures

VeraSol Certification Program Rules and Procedures

This document outlines the screening procedure VeraSol uses to assess a manufacturer’s eligibility for its certification program.

VeraSol is a voluntary and independent quality assurance program serving the global off-grid solar energy industry. The program certifies products to internationally recognized standards for product quality and integrity through the Lighting Global Quality Standards and quality standards in IEC TS 6227-9-8. The rigorous VeraSol certification scheme is designed to identify off-grid solar products that meet these standards.

A manufacturer that wishes to have a product certified may submit their product to VeraSol for certification review. Before the certification process can proceed, VeraSol will screen the company and the product according to the criteria laid out in this program policy. Rules and criteria covered include: the product scope and screening process, product testing and evaluation, obligations of companies with certified products, and reservations or rights and the appeal process.