VeraSol Certification Services: Pricing Adjustments

Starting August 1, 2024, VeraSol will roll out new pricing for our product certification services.

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March 2024

VeraSol reviews its pricing structure annually and makes adjustments to ensure we continue providing high-quality services to the off-grid solar industry while maintaining fiscal sustainability for our certification program.  Starting August 1, 2024, VeraSol will roll out new pricing for our product certification services (see the pricing table below).

VeraSol remains committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective product certification services. Over the past year, our team has made progress toward reducing the overall cost of certification by proposing revisions to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) test method (IEC TS 62257-9-5) and quality standard (IEC TS 6227-9-8) for solar energy kits and Pico-solar products. The proposed changes include measures that would reduce laboratory testing costs for companies seeking certification, including extending the certification validity duration, reducing the number of samples needed for testing, and making specific tests optional. We expect these changes will simplify the certification process while maintaining the robustness and rigor of the quality assurance framework. Find more details about the proposed changes.

We are optimistic that the IEC will approve the proposed changes and publish the new versions of the test method and quality standard in early 2025. Once this occurs, the VeraSol team will immediately initiate a six-month transitioning process and work with test lab partners to prepare for the implementation of the new IEC documents. We anticipate that after this transition period, companies will observe a decrease in testing costs to offset the increase in VeraSol certification fees.

We also continue to look for cost-saving measures within the VeraSol program. Our team recently released an updated co-branding policy, enabling greater flexibility for companies to co-brand and create new product families as a low-cost pathway to obtain certification. Internally, we have also adopted a new management tool to streamline administrative processes, making it more efficient for the VeraSol team to manage certification workflow and deliver better services to companies. Additionally, VeraSol continues to:

  • Waive the base fee for new customers submitting their first product for certification;
  • Maintain the same pricing for the Initial Screening Method (ISM) report review and evaluation, invoicing, and sampling.

Companies seeking to expand their business opportunities and market presence can benefit from VeraSol certification.  More than 20 financing and development programs require VeraSol certification to participate, channeling over $ 230 million in funding support toward high-quality VeraSol-certified products. Additionally, over 20 governments have adopted solar energy kit quality standards, referencing VeraSol certificates for importation quality control and enabling companies with VeraSol-certified products to easily access new markets. We confidently believe that VeraSol certification will continue to benefit companies and market players committed to providing high-quality solar products to underserved consumers living in energy poverty.

VeraSol appreciates its clients’ understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or concerns about these updates, please reach out to our team at

Pricing for VeraSol Certification Services Effective 1 August 2024

Important note: Product testing costs are not included in these fees and must be paid directly by the accredited test laboratory that conducts the tests.