VeraSol Introduces a New Option for Co-Branding Solar Energy Kits

Learn more about VeraSol's updated co-branding policy for product families that allows more flexibility in configurations and components.

Published Date


Starting March 1, 2024, we are introducing an update to our co-branding policy for product families. Previously, all kits within co-branded families were required to match the primary family’s configurations and components exactly. However, with the introduction of the new co-branding option, companies can now enjoy greater flexibility.

The new option enables companies to co-brand a fully tested kit, and then expand their product line with varied configurations derived from the primary company’s offerings or by incorporating independently tested components. This change opens up possibilities for customizing product families more freely, allowing for the addition of new components beyond those in the primary family.

Important requirements to note include:

  • Company B must cobrand the fully tested kit from Company A. Company B’s family of products will not be created until the cobranding of the fully tested kit is complete.
  • Company A must approve of all the new configurations, appliances, and components that will be added to Company B’s family for use with Company A’s fully tested kit.
  • All current program rules for testing for Families of Products will apply to testing components in addition to Company B’s family. Battery safety documentation is required for all batteries to be included in the family.
  • Company B must offer and service the warranty for all kits and components included in their family. The warranty information provided to the customer must reflect this.

Contact the VeraSol team at with any questions about the new co-branding option and to begin co-branding for your product or family.