Step 4: Test Products

Test Products

Certified test laboratories in the VeraSol lab network test products and share results with our team for verification.

The test lab of your choice conducts testing based on the agreed test plan included in the VeraSol Service Order. Tests are conducted according to the test methods outlined in IEC TS 62257-9-5.

Before testing begins:

  • Companies have successfully shipped the randomly selected samples to the testing lab.
  • Product testing costs are determined by the testing lab. Any contracts, invoices, and payments for testing services are handled directly between the company and the selected test lab. VeraSol is not involved in these matters.

After testing is completed:

  • The test lab will send a draft test report to the VeraSol team for review. The VeraSol reviews the test report and determines whether the product meets the quality standards.
  • VeraSol verifies that all fees have been paid to the test lab and VeraSol before issuing official results to the company.