Step 5: Receive Results

Receive Results

Receive detailed test results with product benchmarking data and instructions for how to work with VeraSol to bring your product into compliance if your product initially fails certification.

After the test report review is complete, VeraSol provides the test results and a detailed explanation of whether the product meets the quality standards.

When receiving the results, there are three possible scenarios:

Pass: If your product meets the quality standards, we will issue a VeraSol Certificate and a Specification Sheet.

Conditional pass: If your product does not fully meet the quality standards, but the issue can be addressed without retesting, you will receive a conditional pass. This allows the company to make the necessary changes to correct the issue, e.g. changing the packaging or documentation to comply with the quality standards.  Read more about this process in the Conditional Pass Policy.

Fail: If your product does not meet the quality standards, we will inform you that it did not pass. VeraSol team summarizes the main points of failure in a feedback letter and suggests next steps for improvement. Partial re-testing of improved products can also be an option.