Step 3: Sample and Ship Products

Sample and Ship Products

A third-party agent selects samples and you ship the randomly-sampled products to the lab for testing.

As part of the QTM and Renewal testing process, a random selection of product samples is required. The VeraSol team coordinates with a third-party agent for sampling after companies complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm the Master Service Agreement (MSA) is signed.
  2. Sign a service order, which includes a detailed description of the agreed services and applicable fees.

Once these steps are complete, VeraSol will send you a Random Sampling Form to fill out. This form requires you to: 

  1. Select a test lab.
  2. Provide contact information, physical address, and date range for sampling.

After receiving the necessary information for sampling, VeraSol sends a formal sampling request with instructions to a third-party agent. The agent will contact you to schedule a sampling date and randomly select the required product samples from a specified stock number, following the procedure outlined in the Product Sampling Policy.

Reminder: once samples are selected, the company ships the samples to the selected test lab and pays all associated shipping fees, duties, and taxes.