Step 6: Public Product Listing

Public Product Listing

Your product is featured on VeraSol’s Product Database, a tool that distributors, development institutions, investors, and others use to confirm third-party certification.

The VeraSol Product Database is an excellent way to showcase your product’s quality and performance. If your product meets the Quality Standards, it will be listed on the VeraSol Product Database with its Specification Sheet and VeraSol Certificate.

VeraSol certification is valid for two years. During these two years, the product may be subject to Market Check Testing. VeraSol checks certified products regularly to ensure they maintain the same quality.

Once certified, companies can make incremental changes to the certified product. When changes occur, companies must inform VeraSol about these changes. The VeraSol team then determines:

  • If the changes to performance are small, no further testing will be required to maintain certification.
  • Large changes (generally, greater than 10% difference in performance) may require targeted re-testing to confirm the product continues to meet quality standards.

After two years, products may undergo the Renewal Testing to extend certification. Read more about the Renewal process in the next step.