Training Resources for Solar Water Pump Testing

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Reliable and affordable testing services provide product designers with critical data to validate performance and build better products. Therefore, adequate access to high-quality testing services creates an enabling environment that spurs innovation and supports long-term sustainable market growth. While test services for solar water pumps (SWP) are highly demanded, few labs globally have experience testing these technologies.

Since 2019, VeraSol has been developing technical resources related to SWP testing in partnership with Schatz Energy Research Center. These resources include:

  • Global LEAP Solar Water Pump Test Method, which describes laboratory testing procedures for measuring and evaluating energy performance, quality, and durability evaluation; as well as
  • SWP Durability Research Memo, which identifies the common durability issues observed from the testing process and recommendations for how to enhance pump durability.

To further expand the technical resources for SWPs, the VeraSol team has developed a series of training documents for testing facilities and technicians interested in learning more about SWP testing. The documents include instructions on a SWP test bench construction and calibration as well as standard operating procedures (SOPs) for performing tests based on the Global LEAP test method.

Through creating these training resources, VeraSol hopes to enhance the testing capacity for SWPs in the Global South and enable greater access to SWP testing for market actors. Building on these training resources, VeraSol will seek testing partners that hope to receive in-depth, hands-on training. Interested testing partners can reach out to VeraSol for more details.