Webinar on IEC Quality Standards for Pico-Solar & SHS Kits

Published Date

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) will soon publish quality standards for pico-solar products and solar home system kits. These standards will replace the Lighting Global Quality Standards.

To prepare for this transition, VeraSol hosted a webinar about the new IEC standards on Thursday, May 7 at 13:00 GMT. Participants learned how the IEC standards differ from the Lighting Global Quality Standards and received guidance on how public and private actors can successfully transition to using the new standards.

IEC adoption of the Quality Standards opens the door to the widespread use of a proven and robust quality assurance framework for off-grid solar products that protect consumers and promote market growth, ultimately improving energy access.

Achieving these benefits while avoiding negative market disruption will require a coordinated transition to the IEC standards. As Lighting Global product certifications expire, manufacturers will re-certify their products according to the new IEC standards. Governments and programs are encouraged to accept both Lighting Global quality-verified products and those that meet the IEC standards.