VeraSol Certifies First Products to New IEC Standards

Published Date


VeraSol has certified two products using the new IEC quality standards! As announced previously, the IEC published quality standards for solar energy kits in June 2020 (IEC TS 62257-9-8:2020). The first products began testing in the fourth quarter of 2020. Two products completed the certification process within the last few weeks and more than a dozen additional products currently under testing.

Purchasers can be confident that these products conform to the latest international standards for solar energy kits. To find out which standards a product meets, refer to the TESTING INFORMATION section of the product’s listing in the VeraSol Product Database.

You can purchase a copy of the standards from the IEC or view a summary of the standards (also available in French and Chinese translations). For more detail on new requirements related to product packaging, user manuals, and other consumer-facing information, see Consumer Information, Performance Reporting, and Component Labeling Requirements, published in January.

We look forward to certifying many more solar energy kits to the IEC quality standards in the months to come.