VeraSol Certification Expands Beyond Lighting, Fans, Radios and TVs

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Typically, VeraSol certifies solar energy kits with small household appliances such as TVs, fans and radios packaged with plug-and-play solar home system (SHS) kits. With the continuous evolution of the solar market and the realities of the pandemic, there is an increasing demand for information and communication technologies (ICTs) powered by solar energy.

ICTs provide rural consumers living in off-grid communities with essential access to information and education. They also enable the end users to continue working from home. Many governments and international aid programs have provided computers to rural students for educational purposes. For example, the “One Laptop Per Child” Initiative has distributed over 2.4 million laptops to nearly 2 million students and teachers in Ethiopia and Rwanda.

In response to the market’s evolving needs, VeraSol is expanding the certification process to quality verify solar energy kits with new ICT devices. Our team recently certified two solar energy kits that include computers and tablets: the Niwa Energy 50 solar home system, which features a desktop computer, and ShenZhen Solar Run’s Solar Media Home Lighting System, which includes a video display tablet.

In addition to ICTs, we are in the process of extending certification to more types of appliances packaged with plug-and-play solar energy kits. The next to come will be solar compatible household and light commercial-use refrigerators. We expect to share more details in Q4 2021. Please stay tuned!