Updated Pricing for VeraSol Certification Services

Published Date


Updated pricing for VeraSol certification services will take effect October 16, 2020. Program pricing was completely overhauled one year ago. The VeraSol team now has nearly one year of experience using the current pricing and has identified a few minor changes to better align pricing with the services delivered.

We are making six changes, highlighted in the side-by-side comparison table below and summarized here:

  • “Sampling fee” decreases from $500 to $450 per event to better reflect the actual costs of coordinating product sampling.
  • “Additional fee per pico product” and “additional fee per SHS kit” both increase by $100 to reflect an increase in the effort required to collect and review product documentation, develop test plans, etc.
  • The name of the “Additional fee per new or revised product family” fee was modified to “per new product family (includes 3 Wh/day calculations)” and increased by $200 to reflect the effort required to calculate the Daily Energy Service in Wh/day for up to three kits in a family of products.
  • New fee of $35 for each additional requested Daily Energy Service Calculation in Wh/day beyond the 3 calculations included in the fee for a new product family.
  • “Co-Branding” fee is separated into two fees—a $600 fee for a co-branded family of products and a $400 fee for co-branding a single product—to reflect the greater effort required to create documentation for a co-branded family of products
  • New fee for products already certified to the Lighting Global Quality Standards that obtain additional testing in order to upgrade their certification to IEC TS 62257-9-8. Pricing for this service will be calculated as follows: the “Base Fee for Renewal and Retesting” plus any of the applicable “Additional Fees” for all products and components included in the kit or family. These fees will be charged in addition to any sampling fees for the PV module(s) or other components that require lab testing.

Pricing for VeraSol Certification Services
Effective October 16, 2020

Important note: Product testing costs are not included in these fees and must be paid directly to the test lab that conducts the tests.

* New pricing takes effect October 16, 2020. The previous pricing was in effect from October 16, 2019.

Please note:

  • All certification agreements CLASP signs with companies on or after October 16, 2020 will be governed by the new pricing. Current pricing can always be found here.
  • We will continue to waive the $300 base fee for new customers submitting their first product for certification. Several companies have taken advantage of this discount over the past year, and we encourage others interested in getting their products certified to contact us.
  • We will continue to supervise random sampling. We recently increased the number of agents from whom we can order sampling services to make the process quicker and more efficient for products warehoused in the Shenzhen area.
  • These changes in how we price our services do not affect which products or components need to be tested or how. We will continue to work closely with companies to develop test plans that minimize the time and expense of getting products tested and quality verified.