PRESS RELEASE: The Chinese Version of IEC 62257-9-8 and 62257-9-5 Released

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July 8, 2022 SHENZHEN, CHINA – Today, the Chinese-language versions of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) 62257-9-8 and 62257-9-5 off-grid solar quality standards, formally the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global Quality Standards, are officially published by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC), supported by Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU), Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection (SMQ), and Standards Press of China (SPC).

As the completion step to adopt the quality standards and test methods for stand-alone renewable energy products with power ratings less than or equal to 350 Watts, the publication of both documents will facilitate the use of the standards among Chinese market actors and enhance product compliance to the quality expectations of the global off-grid solar market. The Chinese-language standard documents will be available from July 8, 2022, for both online and offline access.

“Following the maturation of the off-grid solar market and reflecting the growing requests from national governments, IEC 62257-9-8 and 62257-9-5 have become the foundational standards for this market.” Said Dennis Chew, Regional Director of the IEC Asia-Pacific Regional Centre at IEC. “China’s adoption represents an important step that will enable widespread use of the standards and will benefit the entire off-grid solar value chain.”

“As the first IEC quality standards that the Chinese market has adopted and made available in Chinese language, IEC 62257-9-8 and 62257-9-5 provide clear definitions of the comprehensive quality aspects of stand-alone renewable energy products. These requirements will provide important guidance on developing reliable products, accelerate the establishment of standardization for solar products in China, and effectively protect consumers’ safety and interests”, said Dongfang Li, Director of the IEC Liaison Division at the Department of Standards Innovative Management of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) of China.

“The publication of Chinese-language editions of IEC 62257-9-8 and 62257-9-5 will effectively support the expanded use of international standards in China. While global governments and development organizations have increasingly recognized IEC quality requirements for off-grid solar products in Sub-Saharan African countries, the Chinese standard will help manufacturers to produce products that meet international standards. This will benefit millions of end-consumers and ultimately build market confidence,” said Itotia Njagi, Head of IFC’s Lighting Global program.

“Today’s off-grid energy market is characterized by products with varying levels of quality and durability. We can only build a healthy and competitive global market by prioritizing the quality of solar energy solutions.” Said Elisa Lai, Program Lead at VeraSol, which acts as an international certification body of off-grid solar products to IEC 62257-9-8 and 62257-9-5. “VeraSol looks forward to working with Chinese stakeholders and market participants to ensure the quality of high-performing solar products and help consumers access modern and reliable energy services.”

“The high-quality development of the sector is inseparable from quality and standards, and it is inseparable from the support of talents.” Said Yanhong Zhang, Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Technology University. “Relying on the resources of SZTU’s Quality and Standard Academy, we hope that by translating and promoting the use of international standards locally, we can build a platform to connect our education with the company needs and further strengthen the training of applied talents in the off-grid solar sector in China.”

In the past decade, the off-grid solar sector has grown from a nascent solution to today’s dynamic market that provides a safe, clean, and affordable alternative to expand energy access globally. Moreover, moving beyond household solar energy kits, the off-grid energy sector now includes services to support the delivery of high-quality appliances and productive use equipment. By focusing on quality, manufacturers, distributors, consumers, investors, governments, and other market actors of the off-grid solar value chain can together build a competitive global market where high-performing products are the default option.


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