Introducing Pay-As-You-Go Market Check Test Method (PAYG – MCT)

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VeraSol has developed a new policy and set of test methods to ensure the quality of Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) products in the market. The procedure assesses the basic functionality of the PAYG Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Pico-PV products by testing product features specific to the PAYG system that only function in the intended location of use and could not be tested at the laboratory that is outside the solar company’s PAYG service areas. The procedures are supplementary to the IEC TS 62257-9-5 methods. They are not conducted during a typical Market Check Test, which tests the quality and durability aspects of both PAYG and non-PAYG products. The PAYG Market Check Test is used to:

  • Determine whether the product services are cut off due to non-payment
  • Verify that solar charging is allowed in the instance of non-payment
  • Assess the metering accuracy of the payment system
  • Evaluate the durability of keypads and other system parts

The PAYG Market Check Testing procedure can be conducted at any stage of the product life before reaching the end-user and is typically only conducted when concerns arise regarding the function of a product’s PAYG system.

Find more information on the PAYG Market Check Testing procedure here.