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Test Lab Capacity Building

VeraSol trains and works with test lab partners to build global testing capacity for the off-grid solar sector. Measuring and testing product quality accurately and reliably is the cornerstone of quality assurance.

Testing Capacity: A Vital Cornerstone for Success

Globally, only a handful of test labs have experience testing off-grid solar solutions. Given the nascency of many solar energy systems and appliances, the global lab testing capacity is insufficient to properly evaluate the performance of these products.

VeraSol works with a growing network of independent test laboratories around the world to build lab testing capacity through technical training and knowledge dissemination.

Test lab assessing testing needs

Assessing Testing Needs Based on Potential Demands

Building global testing capacity is an involved and resource-intensive process. It requires significant upfront information to determine where to establish laboratories and close collaboration with the chosen laboratories to procure equipment and train lab technicians.

To ensure the success and sustainability of laboratories, VeraSol evaluates existing laboratory capacity and anticipated need for testing services in-country or region to select and prioritize its partners.

Test lab advising hardware

Advising Hardware Requirements for Test Laboratories

For new test laboratories, understanding hardware requirements and identifying the right equipment for testing can be a huge undertaking and a challenging process. There are multiple challenges that can arise in the procurement process, including delays at customs, variations in customs and tax policy, and issues with transportation. VeraSol has extensive experience procuring equipment for testing pico-solar products and solar home system kits.

VeraSol works with partner test labs to select equipment based on cost, quality, and ability to meet the equipment requirements specified in the test methods. We also work directly with the labs in our network to help them navigate challenges in procurement and shipping.

Test lab building labs

Building Laboratory Capacity and Training

Targeted, well-designed training ensures the long-term sustainability and capacity of the laboratories. VeraSol’s laboratory training curriculum ensures lab technicians are able to operate and maintain testing equipment and conduct testing according to the test methods.

Capacity building and training is an ongoing process. VeraSol provides regular and ongoing remote support to the labs and provides ad-hoc guidance to address specific challenges.