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Market Surveillance

VeraSol checks off-grid solar products in the market regularly to ensure they maintain the same quality.

Collaborate with VeraSol on Market Surveillance

VeraSol works with partners to ensure that solar products meet quality standards and deliver high-quality energy service as expected. We need your help with identifying high-risk products and ensuring that corrective actions are taken to address cases of non-compliance.

Why Market Surveillance

Market surveillance is an integral element of a successful quality assurance program. It ensures benefits and impacts of quality standards, such as the protection of consumers and the environment, and the establishment of a fair playing field for market actors, are realized. Without market surveillance, market actors' trust in the integrity of the certification and quality standards would be undermined.

Through monitoring and checking whether products on the market are compliant with quality standards, market surveillance is an effective tool for ensuring that consumers receive expected services from their products.

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To fully realize the benefits of efficiency policies and ensure equitable outcomes for consumers, governments must include plans for compliance in their processes. Watch this video to learn about compliance benefits in the off-grid solar sector.

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VeraSol Protects Consumers through Market Surveillance

In collaboration with our partners, VeraSol conducts market surveillance activities to verify that the quality and performance of products sold in the market continue to meet the quality standards and address non-compliance incidents. These activities include:

  • Conducting unannounced inspections of distribution channels/facilities and retail locations.
  • Collecting product samples to evaluate quality, safety, and performance through laboratory testing.
  • Investigating non-compliance claims from external actors in the off-grid solar market.
  • Issuing non-compliance notices to companies when violations with regard to the certification requirements are identified.
  • Creating corrective action settlements with companies so they can address the identified non-compliance issues and quickly bring products into full compliance.
  • Suspending or revoking VeraSol certification if companies fail to address the non-compliance issues described in the original notice and corrective action settlement.

Our Progress to Date

Off grid appropriate appliances have been tested

Products evaluated under the Market Check Test Program

Users browse our product database each month

Products that maintained status after receiving feedback from VeraSol and making corrections

Govts have adopted national standards for pico solar products

Products whose status was revoked based on results from a Market Check Test evaluation