Currently Supported Product List

VeraSol provides testing and quality assurance support to financing facilities, ensuring products distributed through participating companies are durable, high quality, and safe for consumers.

The Productive Use Appliance Financing Facility (the Facility) was launched in October 2022 by CLASP, with support from the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), to support companies in catalyzing the growth of productive use appliance markets.

The Facility aims to help address the affordability barrier by making procurement subsidies and capacity building grants available for companies in six African countries, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. Eligible technologies include electric pressure cookers, electric induction cooktops, fans, milling, solar water pumps, refrigerators/freezers, and walk-in cold storage.



All products listed below have completed quality assurance testing and met the Facility’s eligibility criteria, helping to ensure that users receive high-quality products.

Products Currently Supported by the Facility

Electric Cooking
  • Burn IDC02 (Electric Induction Cooktop)
  • Sayona SCP 100 (Electric Pressure Cooker)
  • Tefal Series EPC54 (Electric Pressure Cooker)
  • PowerUp PUP6L1V1 (Electric Pressure Cooker)
  • SZ Brady Electronics LD-722
  • Agsol MicroMill MMV2.1
  • Volta Series HMV1500 (Three Phase)
  • Volta Series HMV400 (Single Phase)
  • Volta Series Volta SBV-5 (Rice Mill)
Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Amped Innovation EazyFreeze100
  • Koolboks BD-208
  • Phocos FR100-B
  • Phocos FR230-B
  • Phocos FR350-B
  • SureChill 1DS65X
  • SureChill 1SC65AC
Solar Water Pumps
  • Future Pump SF2
  • Omnivoltaic SPWP-1500
  • Simusolar Kilimo Fursa
  • Simusolar Kisima
  • SunCulture ClimateSmart Direct + RainMaker2C Kubwa
  • SunCulture ClimateSmart Direct + RainMaker2S
  • SunCulture ClimateSmart Direct + RainMaker2S Max
  • SunCulture ClimateSmart Battery + RainMaker2S
  • SunCulture ClimateSmart Battery + RainMaker2C
  • Taifu 4TSC2.5-70-48/500
  • Taifu TSQB2.0-25-24/250
Walk-In Cold Rooms
  • Inspira Farms CS30
  • Inspira Farms CS15
  • Ecozen Ecofrost 5MT