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VeraSol’s comprehensive quality assurance program benefits a wide range of stakeholders.

Quality Assurance Benefits Us All

The benefits of a rigorous and robust quality assurance program impact everyone in the off-grid solar sector. By prioritizing durable, good-quality products, market actors can better meet consumer expectations, reduce financial risk, increase impact, and bolster confidence in the off-grid solar energy market.



By working with VeraSol, manufacturers can easily assess their own products, compare them against competitors’, and make smarter product development decisions. Certified products gain entry into important markets (including Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania) and are eligible for many bulk procurements, results-based financing schemes, working capital facilities, and other initiatives

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With VeraSol, distributors can easily identify and source products that will meet their customers’ needs and expectations. This reduces financial and reputational risks associated with guaranteeing products to end consumers and sales partners.

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Governments can use VeraSol’s quality assurance framework as a basis for tax and duty policies, voluntary market stimulation programs, and product regulations to protect consumers. By aligning with international standards, policymakers reduce the time and resources needed to develop these policies and give consumers expanded access to global product innovations.

Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania have adopted mandatory national standards aligned with the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Many other countries are expected to do similarly in the future.

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Dev humanitarian

Development & Humanitarian Aid Institutions

Increase impact and cost-effectiveness by limiting eligibility for program participation to products that meet minimum international quality standards. Our quality standards (adopted by the IEC) are built upon widely accepted IEC test methods and backed by a global network of accredited labs. By aligning requirements with international standards, programs can be confident that products will perform as advertised and meet consumers’ expectations for performance, durability, and safety. The World Bank, GIZ, Energising Development (EnDev) program, UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and SNV Netherlands Development Organization are just a few of the institutions that have adopted such eligibility requirements.

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Reduce risk by investing only in companies that trade in products designed to meet consumers’ expectations for quality, performance, and durability. By leveraging our quality assurance framework, portfolio managers can streamline due diligence and reduce technology-related risk.

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Test lab

Test Labs

By partnering with VeraSol, test labs can attract a wider client base by improving their capacity to reliably test a broad range of solar products to the applicable international standards.

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While VeraSol does not work directly with consumers, they benefit from the greater availability of high-quality products at an affordable price. They can trust manufacturers’ performance claims and avoid investing in products that don't perform as expected.