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VeraSol supports a well-organized off-grid energy market and benefits a range of stakeholders.

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Manufacturers can easily assess their own products, compare them against competitors’ products, and make smarter product development decisions.

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Distributors can quickly and easily identify good quality products that reduce the financial and reputational risks associated with guaranteeing products to end consumers.

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Investors can reduce risk by investing only in companies that trade in that meet VeraSol’s standards for quality, performance, and durability.

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Development institutions

Development institutions can increase impact and cost effectiveness by limiting eligibility for programs to products that meet VeraSol standards or certain minimum requirements.

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Governments can use our QA framework as a basis for tax and duty policies, voluntary market stimulation programs, and product regulations. Harmonized national standards reduce the resources needed to develop and implement policy.

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Consumers can access high-quality products at an affordable price. They can trust manufacturers’ performance claims and avoid purchasing products that won’t perform as expected.


Praise for Lighting Global Quality Assurance and Equip Data, now VeraSol.