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The New and Improved VeraSol.org Has Arrived!

The New and Improved VeraSol.org Has Arrived!

After months of planning and preparation, VeraSol is thrilled to announce the launch of its new and improved website. Our website will serve as the new home for solar quality assurance. It offers a suite of new tools that allow users around the world to easily identify, source, and promote durable off-grid products.

For nearly a decade, Lighting Global Quality Assurance maintained the most comprehensive product database and quality assurance program for the off-grid solar energy industry. In February 2020, CLASP, the Schatz Energy Research Center, and the World Bank Group launched VeraSol, an evolved quality assurance program. VeraSol maintains the same trusted quality assurance services as Lighting Global Quality Assurance while expanding services to encompass appliances and productive use equipment, allowing the program to meet the evolving demands of the sector.

As a trusted global authority on product quality, it’s important for us to make information regarding the design, durability, and performance of off-grid products easily accessible to all members of the off-grid solar industry. We strive to provide manufacturers, distributors, donors, development programs, investors, and others the most accurate information on product quality and durability available.

VeraSol.org brings together quality assurance resources for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances on a single platform. Our goal for this new website is to provide sector professionals an easier way to understand the value of quality assurance and learn about our services. The new website sheds new light on who we are, what we offer, and why you should work with us. Most notably, it features a new suite of digital tools that enable users to make informed product design, purchasing, and policy decisions.

Among these new digital tools is our interactive, open-source Product Database, which contains the largest collection of independently tested and certified off-grid solar solutions. Users can compare product performance data for hundreds of off-grid solar energy kits, fans, televisions, refrigerators, and solar water pumps side by side.

Continue reading for a quick tour of some of the new and exciting features in our expanded Product Database

Display Products in Your Preferred Viewing Style

Our new Product Database allows you to easily toggle between two viewing styles. Use grid-view to see images and snapshots with key product information to compare a small subset of products quickly. Need to view multiple products at once? Use list-view to see and compare dozens of products in a tabular form.

Sort and Filter Products Instantly With the Click of a Button

Looking for a product that meets a specific set of conditions? Our new Product Database enables you to sort products by specific criteria, such as model, brand, size, and retail price. You can also filter data by size, power consumption, location, and price to quickly identify products that meet your criteria.

Make Up to Four Side-By-Side Comparisons

Our Product Database allows you to declutter the number of open browser tabs and windows on your computer. Compare up to four products side-by-side to easily differentiate technical specifications and performance details.

Download the Data for Easy Use and Analysis

All data listed on our Product Database are free for all to use. Once you have selected the data you need, simply download a single csv file for easy reference and analysis.

We encourage you to explore the rest of our new website, which includes everything from streamlined descriptions of our solutions and services to a new publication library.

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on our new website. We would love to hear from you!