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Stakeholder Engagement

VeraSol collaborates with market actors to communicate the value of product quality and solicit input on how to deliver robust and effective quality assurance services for the sector.

Crafting a Common Language

High-quality off-grid solar solutions are central to eliminating energy poverty. VeraSol partners with a diverse array of stakeholders to set the standard for product quality and align global efforts to make good-quality products the default option in the market.

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Procurement and Purchasing Decisions

VeraSol provides all market actors access to a free product database of independently tested or certified off-gird solar solutions. By allowing users to search, sort, filter, compare the performance and quality of hundreds of off-grid solar solutions, VeraSol helps to fill information gaps that enable informed decision making in procurement and purchasing.

Use Our Product Database
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Product Design

VeraSol maintains a robust library of technical notes and guidance reports that share valuable market and product performance intelligence.

VeraSol also gives product manufacturers direct feedback on how their products can be improved through rigorous testing and product benchmarking. Manufacturers submitting their pico-solar products and solar home system kits for certification receive detailed test reports that help them understand how their product performs. Learn more about the certification process.

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Policy Support

VeraSol provides policy and technical support to national governments and other institutions looking to support and promote good-quality products. Governments around the world use VeraSol’s quality assurance framework as the basis for tax and duty polices, voluntary market stimulation programs, and regulations to protect consumers from poor-quality products.

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