VeraSol Launches Master Service Agreement for Certification Services

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To better serve our clients, VeraSol is launching a new agreement contract for solar energy kit certification, the Master Service Agreement (MSA).

Historically, VeraSol clients have been required to review and sign a new contract for each testing event. We heard feedback from companies that this legal review process was burdensome and slowed down the certification process.

Now, once a company signs an MSA, they will only be required to review legal contract language once, and their MSA will be valid for five years. Service orders will be used to agree on certification-specific services, applicable fees, and any other relevant requirements, considerations, or objectives. This will also allow companies to cancel or change a service order without terminating other service orders.

We hope VeraSol’s MSA will help simplify and improve the efficiency of the VeraSol certification process. The MSA will be implemented effective immediately for new and existing clients.

You can familiarize yourself with the language laid out in the MSA by visiting this link. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact