Notes from Lighting Global Stakeholder Webinar: Updating the Minimum Quality Standards and Recommended Performance Targets: 10 July 2013

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Lighting Global hosted a webinar on July 10, 2013, at 13:00 GMT to discuss the process of updating the Minimum Quality Standards and Recommended Performance Targets with interested stakeholders. During this webinar, we provided an overview of the Lighting Global program, discussed the proposed changes to the Standards and Targets, and explained the process for submitting comments about the proposed updates. The slides presented during the webinar are available on the stakeholder webpage and notes from the question and answer sessions during the webinar are provided in a table in this document.

This content was produced by Lighting Global Quality Assurance. In February 2020, Lighting Global Quality Assurance evolved to become VeraSol, an independent program offering quality assurance services for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances.