Stakeholder Feedback on Draft Minimum Quality Standards for Solar Home System Kits

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Thank you all for providing feedback on the draft Quality Standards for Solar Home System Kits. We received multiple comments from 20 different stakeholder organizations with a wide variety of connections to off-grid lighting.

Feedback has been organized according to the categories of Quality Standards. A synthesis of comments on each question or sub-topic is presented, along with responses from the Lighting Global team. While some text was altered from the original submissions, alterations were not intended to change the meaning of the comment, but only to condense responses and protect the anonymity of the respondent. Similar comments from multiple stakeholders were combined.

The comments we received helped us to refine and improve the draft Quality Standards. A revised version of the Lighting Global Quality Standards for Solar Home Systems is presented following the list of feedback.

This document was produced by Lighting Global Quality Assurance. In February 2020, Lighting Global Quality Assurance evolved to become VeraSol, an independent program offering quality assurance services for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances.