Stakeholder Feedback: Draft Requirements for VeraSol Certification of Refrigerators

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VeraSol is in the process of launching a certification program for off- and weak-grid appropriate refrigerators. In March 2022, VeraSol published the proposed draft quality standards, Requirements for VeraSol Certification of Refrigerators, which address four core elements of product quality: truth in advertising, health and safety, durability, and consumer protection. These requirements apply to refrigerators intended for use on or compatible with off-grid energy systems, either included with a VeraSol-certified SHS kit or as a standalone appliance.

The VeraSol team sought stakeholder feedback on the proposed framework and requirements prior to offering certification services for refrigerators. The team received responses from five stakeholders via an online form and one stakeholder via a phone interview. The summary of stakeholders’ responses, comments, and questions, as well as VeraSol’s responses to these comments, are outlined in the stakeholder feedback document.

Based on the feedback, VeraSol is working on updating the quality standards and expects to launch the certification program in 2023. In addition, the initial proposed standards did not include solar direct-drive (SDD) refrigerators. We are researching and adapting the standards to include SDD refrigerators in the certification scope.

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