Quality Assurance for Off-Grid TVs and Fans: Lessons Learned and Paths Forward

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Inconsistencies in performance reporting and a lack of reliable data make it difficult for buyers to identify high-performing products such as TVs and fans. Coupling this with the fact that appliances are a significant cost for most off-grid consumers, ensuring that products are high-quality and perform as expected is crucial.

To help market actors evaluate and compare product quality, Efficiency for Access piloted a quality assurance (QA) framework for standalone off-grid TVs and fans. Building on VeraSol’s appliance testing and data-sharing process, Efficiency for Access developed a set of quality criteria, evaluated products using the quality criteria, and shared findings and data with stakeholders to promote quality products.

The learning paper documents key learnings from testing and evaluating off-grid TVs and fans and provide recommendations for future QA efforts. The learnings aim to help the off-grid solar sector align and standardize on test methods and performance reporting, and enable market actors across the value chain to make faster, more informed decisions about off-grid products.