Quality Assurance for Off-Grid Solar Powered Lights: A Brief Guide for Institutional Buyers

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The market for off-grid solar-powered lights has expanded rapidly in recent years. Cumulative global sales over the past five years exceed 8 million units, and sales have grown at annual rates exceeding 100%. This has been driven by improvements in technology, reductions in manufacturing costs, and the great demand for access to modern lighting. However, poor quality lights have also entered the off-grid lighting market and threaten to spoil customer trust in the technology.

VeraSol is working to support the global off-grid lighting market. In order for customers to invest in solar lights, they must be confident that the product they purchase will perform as promised and last for a reasonable period of time. However, many customers find it difficult to discern between good and poor quality products.

This two-page document providing basic guidance for procuring quality-verified off-grid lighting products.