Lighting Global Associate Services Offering

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Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s initiative to rapidly increase access to off-grid solar energy for the 840 million living without grid electricity around the world. Lighting Global works with manufacturers, distributors, governments, entrepreneurs, and other development partners to build and grow the modern off-grid solar energy market for household, productive, and commercial use. Lighting Global is managed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank, with support from the Energy Sector Management Assistant Program (ESMAP).


Through IFC, Lighting Global offers client services for manufacturers or original sellers of quality verified off-grid lighting products and appliances. After a product has met the Lighting Global Quality Standards, companies can become an “Associate” to access a range of services. In addition to business linkages, market intelligence and other business development services, Associates would be guided to understand and participate in World Bank funded country electrification programs in Africa and Asia. We work hand-in-hand with associates to develop markets for clean lighting and energy products, contributing towards making sustainable energy a reality for all by 2030.


Companies must produce/manufacture and/or be selling under owned brand name at least one product that meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards. The company, including the directors and shareholders, must satisfy IFC’s Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) evaluation. Upon successful completion of the IDD, the company will enter into a legal agreement with IFC documenting the global services provided to clients from the IFC Lighting Global Program.

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点亮全球(Lighting Global)是世界银行集团发起的项目,旨在帮助全球 8.4 亿生活在无电网电力地区的人口迅速接入离网太阳能。点亮全球项目与全球的制造商、分销商、政府、创业者和其他开发伙伴合作,建立和发展现代家用、生产用及商用离网太阳能市场。点亮全球项目在能源部门管理援助计划 (ESMAP) 的支持下,由国际金融公司 (IFC) 和世界银行 (World Bank) 共同管理。


通过国际金融公司,点亮全球为通过离网太阳能照明产品与户用系统质量认证产品的制造商或原始卖家提供客户服务。在产品通过点亮全球质量标准测试与认证后,企业可申请成为 “合作机构 (Associates)”, 并享受一系列相关服务。在商务链接,市场情报和其它商业开发服务的基础上,点亮全球将深入引导合作机构熟悉并参与由世界银行资助的体系中非洲和亚洲地区的国家电气化项目。我们将与合作机构携手开展工作,共同发展清洁照明和能源市场,合力实现2030年普及可持续能源的目标。



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