Kenya Consumer Experience Study: Insights on Solar Appliances

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Currently, there is limited information on the penetration of off-grid solar appliances and how consumers experience and interact with them. VeraSol recognizes that this kind of data is essential for manufacturers to design products more effectively, for sector stakeholders to identify market gaps, and for programs and policymakers to scale quality assurance (QA) efforts. Using data collected during the 2021 study on off-grid solar product usage from 4,195 surveyed households in Kenya, we have taken a deeper look at solar appliance data to produce new insights on ownership of and consumer experience with off-grid solar appliances in Kenya. 

Key findings from this research include: 

  • Top consumer considerations when purchasing solar appliances
  • Insights on ownership and projected demand for TVs, refrigerators and solar water pumps in Kenya
  • Other consumer perspectives on solar appliance affordability, accessibility, and after-sales care

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