Estimating the Available Daily Electrical Energy for Solar Energy Kits in a Product Family

Technical Notes Issue 34

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This document summarizes the calculations performed to estimate the available daily electrical energy for solar energy kits that have not been fully tested but are included in a product family. These calculations are carried out using VeraSol’s Wh/day Estimator Tool.

The availability of the Wh/day metric for all kits provides more flexibility and opportunity to solar energy kit manufacturers, program implementers, and other stakeholders when comparing products and assessing performance. The availability of the Wh/day metric may specifically unlock many opportunities for kits in VeraSol product families such as allowing program eligibility and/or tier level of energy service within the Multi-tier Framework to be assessed. Finally, this service provides the VeraSol program the opportunity for data analysis of partially tested kits. The Wh/day Estimator Tool delivers a standard metric that may be used to compare all solar energy kits certified through the VeraSol program.