Comparison of the Draft Lighting Global Solar Home System Kit Test Methods and IEC/TS 62257-9-5

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The Lighting Global Solar Home System Kit Test Methods are intended to assess solar home system (SHS) kits with peak power ratings greater than 10 W and up to 100 W. The methods are similar to the existing test methods used to assess pico-products that are described in IEC/TS 62257-9-5, but include some modifications and new test procedures. This document provides a brief introduction to the Lighting Global SHS Kit Test Methods and lists the key differences between these methods and those used for pico-products. The intention of this document is to enable stakeholders to more easily provide informed feedback.

This document was produced by Lighting Global Quality Assurance. In February 2020, Lighting Global Quality Assurance evolved to become VeraSol, an independent program offering quality assurance services for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances.