Call for Comments on Proposed Changes to the Draft Quality Standards Under Review by the IEC

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We are midway through the process of submitting the Lighting Global Quality Standards for adoption by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and are reaching out for your feedback to inform our next steps. As discussed in prior outreach, we submitted a draft of IEC/TS 62257-13-1 last September for consideration by the IEC. We are currently updating the draft of IEC/TS 62257-13-1 in response to comments from the IEC committee members and recent safety incidents. In the process, we are investigating increased PV and battery safety requirements to include in the revised draft for submission to the IEC. We are also considering including additional labeling and performance reporting requirements. This document includes a summary of the proposed changes and requests your feedback by May 17, 2019.

This document was produced by Lighting Global Quality Assurance. In February 2020, Lighting Global Quality Assurance evolved to become VeraSol, an independent program offering quality assurance services for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances.