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Our Team

VeraSol has a rich technical and programmatic background in quality assurance. This experience is coupled with a commitment to uphold neutral, high-quality service to the distributed energy sector.

VeraSol is managed by CLASP in collaboration with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University (Schatz Center). CLASP and the Schatz Center began their partnership implementing the Lighting Global Quality Assurance program in 2016 and are now continuing that work under VeraSol.

Operational Leadership

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CLASP serves at the epicenter of ambitious and collaborative efforts to prevent catastrophic climate change and make the world sustainable for all. The organization works hand-in-hand with policymakers, governments, technical experts, industry and others in the supply chain, donor organizations, consumers and consumer groups, and other stakeholders to develop and lead markets towards the highest-quality, lowest resource-intensive products. CLASP envisions a world in which appliances and other products are life-changing, low-impact, and environmentally responsible.

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Schatz Energy Research Center

Schatz Energy Research Center’s mission is to promote the use of clean and renewable energy. The center accomplishes this by: designing, demonstrating, and deploying clean and renewable energy technologies; implementing collaborative programs that support the deployment of clean energy systems; performing lab and field research; engaging in scientific and policy analysis; providing graduate fellowships and work opportunities for student engineers and scientists; and educating the public about clean and renewable energy. The Center was established in 1989, thanks to generous funding from Dr. Louis W. Schatz. It is affiliated with Humboldt State University’s Environmental Resources Engineering program.

Team Members

Team ari

Ari Reeves

Senior Manager, CLASP

As manager of VeraSol, Ari brings extensive experience in product quality and data management, and advises on programmatic and technical decisions.

Team arne

Dr. Arne Jacobson

Director, Schatz Center

Arne brings 30 years of international experience in the off-grid solar sector to the team, and he serves as the technical lead for off-grid quality assurance for VeraSol.

Team christopher

Christopher Carlsen

Technical & Policy Consultant

Drawing on over 15 years of relevant policy and technical expertise, Christopher leads VeraSol’s activities supporting the adoption of harmonized off-grid solar standards.

Team corinne

Corinne Schneider

Chief Communications Officer, CLASP

A part of CLASP since 2009, Corinne brings her wealth of knowledge on appliance energy efficiency and energy access to lead strategic partner engagement and branding for VeraSol.

Team elisa

Elisa Lai

Manager, CLASP

An expert in off-grid appliances, Elisa pioneers VeraSol’s product database and manages test method and quality standard development for a growing suite of appliances and productive use technologies.

Team lauren

Lauren Boucher

Senior Communications Associate, CLASP

Lauren leads all communication efforts under VeraSol, ensuring that key insights gleaned from the program are communicated effectively.

Team luli

Ana Luisa (Luli) Sosa

Associate, CLASP

Luli provides project management support for VeraSol, including product testing and quality verification services.

Team meg

Meg Harper

Senior Research Engineer, Schatz Center

With over 11 years of experience in off-grid energy, Meg manages revisions to standards and test methods for off-grid products and assists with day-to-day activities related to quality verification.

Team kim

Kimberly Thorpe

Energy Analyst, Schatz Center

Drawing on her experience as a project manager and electrician, Kim oversees the communication and test coordination with manufacturers and labs, reviews and interprets test reports, and provides day-to-day support of VeraSol.

Team kristen

Kristen Radecsky

Senior Research Engineer, Schatz Center

Kristen began testing off-grid solar products in 2007, where she played a key role in developing IEC/TS 62257-9-5.  Kristen provides technical support and training to laboratories within the VeraSol Testing Laboratory Network.


Naomi Wagura

Senior Associate, CLASP

Based in CLASP's Nairobi office, Naomi brings her diverse set of experiences in the East Africa energy access sector to provide strategic support for VeraSol's policy work focused on adoption of standards for off-grid solar products.

Team riley

Riley Macdonald

Associate, CLASP

Riley helps run the day-to-day activities of VeraSol, including coordination of product sampling and testing, updating the database, answering general inquiries, and disseminating learnings.


Francis Ndonga

Associate, CLASP

Based in CLASP's Naiorbi office, Francis provides technical and programmatic support to VeraSol's policy work to foster the adoption of standards for off-grid solar products.

Team steve

Stephen Pantano

Chief of Research, CLASP

With nearly two decades of experience in clean energy and energy efficiency, Steve oversees CLASP’s research portfolio and advises on research projects for VeraSol.

Team tom

Tom Quetchenbach

Research Engineer, Schatz Center

A research engineer at the Schatz Center since 2011, Tom assists with development and validation of test methods, apparatus, and data analysis tools and provides technical support to test laboratories.

Team kaleigh

Kaileigh Vincent-Welling

Research Engineer, Schatz Center

Kaileigh helps with moving products through the VeraSol verification process by developing product test plans, testing products and reviewing test reports.

Team tanya

Tanya Garcia

Research Engineer, Schatz Center

Tanya assists with test method development, test report reviews, and test coordination with manufacturers and labs.

Team kevin

Kevin Gauna

Technical Consultant

As a lighting and solar expert, Kevin provides technical support for VeraSol and contributes to technical notes.

Team nate

Nate Faith

Research Engineer, Schatz Center

Nate supports communication and test coordination with manufacturers, reviews and interprets test reports, and provides day-to-day support for VeraSol.

Team charles

Charles Muchunku

Policy Consultant

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Charles works with VeraSol to support the adoption and implementation of quality standards for pico-PV and solar home system kits in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Team nathalie

Nathalie Weisman

Policy Consultant

Based in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, Nathalie utilizes her 10 years of experience in renewable energy and climate change sectors to support the adoption and implementation of quality standards for pico-PV and solar home system kits in West Africa.