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What We Do

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Our Services

VeraSol supports the growing global market for modern off-grid energy solutions with a widely applicable, rigorous quality assurance (QA) framework. Our core services are grouped into six categories.

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1. Test methods & quality standards

We develop and manage the test methods and quality standards that serve as a universal benchmark for quality and performance against which off-grid products may be uniformly assessed. Our test methods for pico-PV products and SHS kits, contained in International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technical specification 62257-9-5, in concert with the Lighting Global Quality Standards, are the de facto global standards for pico-solar products and solar home systems kits. For more information on test methods and quality standards for pico-PV products and SHS kits, please visit the Lighting Global website. Please see Equip Data for information on appliances.

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2. Technical capacity building for test laboratories

We train laboratory personnel and maintain a global network of accredited test labs where product suppliers, buyers, and third parties can obtain an accurate evaluation of these products. Our labs have tested over 400 pico-PV and SHS kits and over 350 off-grid appliances.

Learn more about our test laboratory network.

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3. Public listings of quality products

We maintain public-facing, searchable databases of quality-verified pico-PV products and SHS kits and off-grid appropriate fans, televisions, refrigerators, and solar water pumps. All quality-verified lighting products may be found on the Lighting Global website and all appliance information may be found on Equip Data until mid-2020. We will merge the content on the Lighting Global and Equip Data websites to form a new comprehensive database, which will be available on this website in June 2020.

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4. Quality-verification services

We quality-verify pico-PV products and SHS kits to our quality standards, formerly known as the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Soon products will be quality-verified according to IEC standards, adopted from the Lighting Global Quality Standards. For more information about quality verification services, please visit the Lighting Global website.

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5. Technical assistance to governments

We provide governments with technical assistance to help them understand the benefits of adopting harmonized standards and adopt and implement standards successfully. Please reference this technical note on the Lighting Global website for more information on the benefits of harmonized standards.

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6. Engagement with market actors

We work hand-in-hand with all market actors to communicate the benefits of quality assurance. To keep in touch with VeraSol, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.