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Understanding the Data on Solar Energy Kits

Understanding the Data on Solar Energy Kits

What is a solar energy kit?

A solar energy kit consists of a series of components including: a PV module, a charge control unit, a battery, cables, switches connectors and protective devices to connect the components, lighting, and optional appliances such as a TV, fan or radio.

What types of solar energy kits are on the Product Database?

VeraSol currently certifies pico-solar products (≥10 Watt peak) and solar home system kits (<10-350 Watt peak). All products listed on the Product Database are currently certified by VeraSol.

Are all solar energy kits in the VeraSol Product Database certified to the Lighting Global Quality Standards?

Yes, all solar energy kits listed on the Product Database meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Later this year, VeraSol will begin certifying products to the IEC standards (IEC TS 62257-9-8). The Product Database includes information on which standards (i.e. Lighting Global Quality Standards or IEC standards) a given product was evaluated to.

What are Standardized Specification Sheets and Verification Letters?

The Standardized Specification Sheets and Verification Letters are the main certification documents for products that are certified through VeraSol. The Specification Sheets provide clear, verifiable, and accurate information on quality and performance to potential buyers. Verification Letters are the main document used to provide confirmation that a product has met the quality standards.

Why aren’t the retail prices of individual products listed?

The database for solar energy kits does not include information on retail prices because its main purpose is not to sell products. VeraSol shares performance data and information on products that meet the quality standards. If you are interested in purchasing a given product or want a price quote, please reach out to the contact person provided on that product’s page or on the Standardized Specification Sheet or Verification Letter.

Which metrics are most commonly used to evaluate or compare products?

VeraSol provides a list of the most common metrics or features that stakeholders can use to evaluate or compare products on the product filters. These include metrics such as number of light points, PV module peak power (Watts), available daily electrical energy (Wh/day), and more. If you are unsure what metrics to use when evaluating a product, please contact us.

Why are some fields listed as modular?

A family of products is a set of interchangeable components which combine to make two or more complete kits. Some product families have 'modular' listed for certain fields because the data varies from model to model.

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