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Appliance Testing

Appliance Testing

How current is the appliance data listed on the VeraSol Product Database?

VeraSol is constantly testing new appliances and sharing testing results.Each product listing in the VeraSol Product Database has a testing completion date.

Where are the products tested?

VeraSol works with a global network of five International Standards Organization (ISO)-accredited labs to test appliances. The testing location of each product is listed on its individual listing in the VeraSol Product Database. Learn more about our test lab network and what products they test for VeraSol.

How were the test methods developed?

The Global LEAP Awards collaborates with off-grid energy industry stakeholders, appliance manufacturers, policymakers, and test facilities to develop test methods that evaluate the quality, durability, energy performance, and off-grid market appropriateness of TVs, fans, refrigerators, and solar water pumps. The test methods are developed through a rigorous research, consultation, and review process. Global LEAP Awards leverages other existing, widely adopted international test methods (e.g. International Electrotechnical Commission as the foundation and modified, when necessary, the test methods to better evaluate product performance when being used and operated in off-gird and weak-grid conditions (e.g. voltage fluctuations, solar day simulations).

Which test methods being used to test and measure product performance, quality and durability?

Equip Data uses the Global LEAP Test Methods for Off-Grid TVs, Fans, Refrigerators and Solar Water Pumps to evaluate products.

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Where are how are the products sourced?

VeraSol sources products either directly from manufacturers or from retail shops in off-grid markets. To ensure more impartial results and that no bias is introduced from preferential pre-selection of products when choosing products from manufacturers’ warehouses, VeraSol randomly samples products for testing. Learn more about our sampling process.

How do you decide which models to test?

For products sourced from retail shops, the VeraSol team typically selects 2-10 models of each appliance type in each market for testing to provide a baseline understanding of product availability. Models are chosen for testing based on their size, power supply type, rated power consumption, and market share. Product manufacturers and distributors are also encouraged to suggest and submit products for testing. VeraSol currently provides financial support to facilitate product testing as determined on a case-by-case and on available funding. Product models sourced through this pathway are Product models sourced through this pathway are determined by the manufacturer.

What does it mean for an appliance to be “off-grid”?

VeraSol defines “off-grid appliances” as products that are intentionally-designed for end users living in energy-constrained environments, and advertised for use with a PV module, a solar home system, or mini-grids.

How do you decide which appliance types to test?

VeraSol selects appliance types for testing based on their potential for impact and demand of off-or weak-grid consumers. To identify priority appliances, our partner program Efficiency for Access conducts surveys of energy access professionals to assess the expected demand for and impact of off-grid, solar-powered appliances including household, small-medium enterprise (SME), and clinical application. TVs, fans, refrigerators, SWPs for household and lite commercial use are identified to have potential high consumer demand and impact.

How can I get my appliance featured on the Product Database?

To submit your product for testing and to be featured on VeraSol, please reach out to us with the model number and any specification sheets available about the product you would like to test.

How much does it cost to test my appliance?

The testing costs vary based on the quotes provided by test laboratories and the product types. VeraSol provides full or partial subsidies on product testing to select product manufacturers and distributors pending available program funding. To learn more about whether your product qualifies for discounted testing or to get a quote for testing, please contact us.

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