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About VeraSol

About VeraSol

Where can I buy the products listed on the Product Database?

We recommend reaching out directly to manufacturers to get more information on their processes for procurement. All solar energy kits include the manufacturer’s contact information on their product’s page. For off-grid appliance Global LEAP Awards Winners and Finalists, you can refer to the Buyer’s Guides for TVs (2016 and 2017), fans (2016 and 2017), refrigerators (2017 and 2019), and solar water pumps (2019) for manufacturers’ contact information. Mangoo Marketplace also sells some of the appliances featured on VeraSol Product Database.

How can I get my product featured on the Product Database?

To submit your product for testing and to be featured on Product Database, please fill out this contact form.

How do I contact the VeraSol test lab partners?

If you would like to contact someone from the VeraSol test lab network or are interested in learning more, please contact us so we can connect you with the appropriate person or provide you with more information on the test labs.

How do I get in touch with the VeraSol team?

For general inquires, contact info@VeraSol.org. As, always, the best way to receive notifications about changes to the quality assurance program is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Where can I find information about the Lighting Global program?

More information about the Lighting Global program may be found on their website.

What is Efficiency for Access?

Efficiency for Access is a global coalition working to promote high performing appliances that enable access to clean energy for the world’s poorest people. It is a catalyst for change, accelerating the growth of off-grid appliance markets to boost incomes, reduce carbon emissions, improve quality of life and support sustainable development.

What are the Global LEAP Awards?

The Global LEAP Awards is an international competition that identifies the world’s best, most energy-efficient off-grid appliances. The Global LEAP Awards aims to drive innovation and performance in early stage product markets, while also building valuable technical and commercial market infrastructure.

What is the Schatz Energy Research Center?

Schatz Energy Research Center is an affiliate energy research center at Humboldt State University’s Environmental Resources Engineering program. The center’s mission is to promote the use of clean and renewable energy. Schatz Energy Research Center leads technical aspects of VeraSol.

What is CLASP?

CLASP is an international non-profit organization that improves the energy and environmental performance of the appliances and equipment we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world. CLASP manages VeraSol’s operations

How is VeraSol funded?

Foundational support is provided by the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global program (supported by The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land, and Sea), UK aid, the IKEA Foundation, Good Energies Foundation, and others.

Have the IFC and World Bank discontinued their support of quality assurance?

No, the IFC and World Bank have not discontinued their support for quality assurance. It was always the World Bank Group’s intention to grow the quality assurance program into a standalone program under the leadership of CLASP. The IFC and World Bank will continue to work closely with VeraSol by proving foundational support and strategic guidance.

Will the transition to VeraSol affect the Lighting Global program?

No, Lighting Global will continue to operate as a market development program offering business development services to companies. Lighting Global will continue to work in close coordination with CLASP and the Schatz Energy Research Center to support a smooth transition from Lighting Global Quality Assurance to VeraSol.

Lighting Global Quality Assurance was well established in the off-grid solar energy sector. Why change the name to VeraSol?

The off-grid solar energy industry has grown and changed since Lighting Global Quality Assurance was created. Off-grid companies now make, distribute, and sell products beyond basic lighting solutions. A new name and brand will allow VeraSol to serve a more diverse range of market actors and product categories, including off-grid appliances and productive uses.

What is VeraSol?

VeraSol, an evolution of Lighting Global Quality Assurance, builds upon the strong foundation laid by the World Bank Group and merges it with comparable product data for off-grid appliances and productive use equipment currently housed under Equip Data. VeraSol is managed by CLASP in collaboration with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University.

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