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About the Product Database

About the Product Database

How do I use the Product Database?

The VeraSol Product Database is a freely available digital tool that enables market actors to search, sort, filter, compare the performance and quality of hundreds of off-grid solar solutions. To learn how to use the Product Database, please visit our Product Data Sharing page.

Am I permitted to use and share the data in the Product Database?

Yes, we encourage users share and use our data for business and personal use. If you use data in the VeraSol Product Database for any publications or reports, please use the following citation: VeraSol Product Database. 2020 Washington, D.C.: VeraSol. Available online at: data.verasol.org

Will the Product Database include any additional product types in the future?

Yes, VeraSol team is constantly observing and surveying the market to identify high-priority and high-impact products to be included in the testing and certification services. If there are other products you would like to see included in VeraSol Product Database, please let us know.

Does the Product Database provide any tools for analysis?

No, to meet the various needs of users, the Product Database does not include additional tools for analysis. However, we give users the option to perform their own analysis by downloading the entire data set. This feature gives users the flexibility to conduct their own analysis and tailor the data for their needs.

Can I download the entire dataset for each product category?

Yes, downloading the entire dataset for a product category is simple. Learn more.

What if the data presented in the Product Database are not accurate?

The VeraSol team uses a multi-step approach to ensure all data presented the Product Database are accurate. However, small errors may happen from time to time. If you believe there are any inaccuracies, please contact us so we can work with you correct the data.

Are all the products listed in the Product Database certified?

No, only pico-solar products and solar home system kits listed are certified by VeraSol, meaning they meet minimum international quality standards. VeraSol also shares third-party, test results for standalone off-grid TVs, fans, refrigerators, and solar water pumps. There is currently no certification process for these products, so these products may not be considered certified.

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